JUST FOR YOU (Warner Brothers)
1. The Utah Song
2. Walk On By
3. (I Was Just) Another Mountain For You To Climb
4. Preacher Berry
5. I Donít Know What Iíd Do
6. Show Me That You Love Me
7. Daddy
8. Letís Try To Fall In Love Again
9. I Wrote This Song Just For You
10. Canít Do The Loviní (Without The Love)

ON THE MOVE (Warner Brothers)
1. Mr. Doodles
2. Song With No Music
3. Iíve Loved You All Of The Way
4. Southern Lady
5. If You Canít Love All Of Me
6. (I Wanna) Sing For My Supper
7. Patches
8. Country Girl
9. Nothing Good Comes Easy
10. One Of Godís Children