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Announcement from Linda (fan club coordinator) and Donna Fargo.....

This is an important announcement concerning the Donna Fargo Fan Club party that was scheduled for Sunday, June 11, 2017, in Nashville……

We need to cancel our fan club party. Donna’s husband most likely will be having surgery in the near future. As with any major medical decision, blocks of time must be allowed in the schedule to arrange for proper preparation, finding the right doctor and considering the post surgery recovery process. Regrettably, the timing is not working out for us to have our party this June, so we are postponing it until June 2018.

Money that has been sent in for tickets will be fully refunded very soon. We realize you have begun making your plans. Hopefully, letting you know two months in advance will not disrupt those plans too much. We apologize for any inconvenience this cancellation might have caused you.

Have a safe and enjoyable summer!
Linda, fan club coordinator


Hi Guys,

This was the only conclusion I could come to to alleviate some of the stress associated with these potentially life-altering decisions we have to make. It was not a change I made lightly. I’m so sorry for this inconvenience to you and I thank you for your understanding. I would value your prayers.


New Merchandise

Donna has a new print entitled "Sisters."
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Donna Fargo's newest compilation CD is called

What a great surprise gift for your friends and family who are fans of Donna’s music! Inside the cd is a great little booklet about Donna with several pictures of her that you will love.

All of Donna’s hits from Warner Brothers are on this cd, plus 4 other songs. (There are 16 songs in all.) “Lonestar Cowboy" and “Jacamo" are 2 bonus tracks that have never been on any DF album.  You can purchase the new CD in Donna's online Store.


By Popular requests, we are now accepting physical fan club memberships- meaning....for an annual fee of $18.00, you will receive a free autographed 8x10 photograph, Donna's bio, award sheets, discography, merchandise sheet, 2 full-color newsletters and a 10% discount on merchandise orders throughout the year.  If you are interested, send check or money order to:

Donna Fargo International Fan Club

PO BOX 210877